If this blog helps one person fix an issue that has been bugging them and they couldn’t find an answer, then it was all worth it.

My name is Ramon Reis. I’m a 8-year IT veteran lucky enough to work for a great little small business in the middle Ashland, VA. Through these years I’ve had to deal with all kinds of issues: network problems, server problems, systems configurations, peripheral issues. You name it.

Here at work I am the only IT professional. I guess you can say that I am the whole IT department. So I when a problem surfaces, I have to figure it out on my own (and fast) or we lose money.

I’m sure a lot of people are in the same situation either at home or being the go-to IT person at a small business, so I decided to create this blog. I must admit, I’m not a “blogger” so updating this site and creating articles will not be something I do often.  My objective is to use this space as a sort of repository of interesting and useful information for anyone spending their days in the “IT trenches”… So anytime I come across something I find interesting or come up with a solution on my own that I just couldn’t find on-line, I’ll post it here, hoping that I can be useful to someone out there.

So… have a great day and keep on learning.